In this era of technological advancement, it is important for the organizations to ride the wave of digitalization to stay competitive and relevant in today’s marketplace and SMB’s are no exceptions to this. In the market which is increasingly evolving and becoming more competitive it is becoming difficult for the SMB’s to manage their daily operations along with developing their IT infrastructure. One of the best ways out to overcome this problem is to outsource IT processes to a trusted service provider who can offer technical support services or end to end managed services. Certainly, this is not an easy decision to make, as most of us have some set of perceptions and beliefs about outsourcing and are not sure of the outcomes and the resultant synergies that outsourcing can bring in.

In this article, we will try to demystify some of these preconceived misconceptions related to outsourcing

1. Outsourcing is an expensive affair:
IT Outsourcing companies combine their capabilities in IT infrastructure, application, and support services to develop an offering based upon defined hourly or a monthly fee enabling their clients to reduce cost and operational expenses drastically. Therefore, outsourcing is not a costly proposition rather it adds value to the organization through optimum utilization of resources which helps in driving efficiencies.

2. It brings in a lot of data security issues:
As security threats are increasing to a great extent these days, your business is in need of an expert tech support that can figure out the most severe threats and proactively prevent them. Thus, outsourcing doesn’t brings with it data security issues, as outsourcing companies have capabilities in mitigating all kind of security risks.

3. Outsourcing will eventually lead to layoffs:
Outsourcing companies build their businesses to function as an expansion to their client’s team. They primarily fill in the gaps of a company’s IT division or take the workload off from their shoulders enabling them to work more efficiently. Therefore, outsourcing will not result in loss of jobs, but alternatively will assist SMB’s in refocusing their attention on the strategic parts of their business and leave the technological processes like tech support in the hands of the experts.

4. You may lose your control over the IT infrastructure:
Experts says that the Managed IT Services outsourcing company are usually transparent regarding the underlying physical infrastructure adopted by them, the security measures implemented on site and periodically conducts well-defined audit of the place where your data is stored, backed up to and retrieved from.

Expert IT outsourcing service providers like Quatrro offers online cloud-based tools for cloud computing that provides network and data center visibility and reporting capabilities to their clients. These tools add more stability and offers robust controls for the management of complex IT environments.

5. Outsourcing may not meet the expectations when it comes to consistent services
Outsourcing companies offers 24×7 Tech support by leveraging technologies like Voice over IP, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Remote technical support to distantly render cost effective, customized and proactive end to end Managed IT services or Technical Support Services to their clients. Outsourcing companies also signs a service-level agreement (SLA) that describes in detail the level of services expected from them, lays out the metrics by which that service will be measured, and the remedies or penalties, if any, should the agreed-upon levels are not achieved.

6. Outsourcing services providers are unable to work on specific applications or tools:
A multitude of organizations has applications or pre-directive tools which requires specialized tech support. Nevertheless, that remarkably skilled and high-priced talent may not be required on a permanent basis. Outsourcing service providers usually have expert IT professionals in their team who work on client agnostic platforms. The outsourcing firms adopt unique business model such as “Skill based routing” of work that helps them achieve economies of scale which in return gets translated to increased operational efficiencies for their clients, as the clients only pay for the services being utilized on an ‘as required’ basis.

Many SMBs have discovered that partnering with an outsourcing service provider that can offer end to end Managed IT services, Technical support services, can help them in saving a significant amount of cost along with gaining access to revenue enhancing services.

Quatrro has a proven history in providing end-to-end Managed IT Services and Technical Support services that help SMB’s enjoy secure and scalable IT infrastructure. Our business partners in the US, Canada, and the UK support SMBs to manage their IT operations remotely. If you are an SMB and would like to embrace the cutting-edge of important technology and efficient combination of professionals, processes, and tools to ensure that your IT infrastructure always performs at its best, reach out to us today.


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