• Complete automation on receipt of documents from clients for data processing
  •  Transparent exchange of information between Quatrro and the client
  • Auto-tracking of various stages of the document
  • Configurable workflows for operations team
  • Auto allocation of jobs to a pool of skill based resources
  • Real time Operational metrics of work activities performed by teams available for enhanced monitoring of work activities by supervisors.
  • End-to-end data processing of client inputs in an SLA of 4-12 hours, with auto confirmation emails to clients on receipt as well as processing of inputs
  • Time saving of 25% per store while performing data entry activities
  • Time saving of 20% per store by streaming the entire operational process and reducing repetitive activities & manual interventions



Executives are moving beyond their original focus on pure cost-reduction objectives to finding ways to achieve company-wide benefits. There is a trend towards increasing number of small and medium businesses migrating to cloud-based accounting solutions from on-premise solutions that were the norm up until a decade ago. The key for service providers lies in utilizing the cloud and related technology to offer solutions that result in enhancing business value for SMB clients without necessitating upfront investment. Though this paper, we have endeavored to emphasize the key value drivers that will shape the Next Gen SaaS++ solution and how leading service providers can leverage technology to ensure widespread adoption of cloud-based finance and accounting solutions among small businesses


Quatrro Business Support Services, one of the leading businesses under the Quatrro brand, consists of a range of affordable business support services that are offered through the industry’s first ‘Click and Buy’ interface on the cloud. Built on the innovative “Internet of Things” concept, the digital portal enables SMB clients to review, evaluate and buy a bundle of services off-the-shelf on a 24×7 basis.

Quatrro FPO Solutions is the Finance & Accounting business unit under the ‘Quatrro Business Support Services’ brand. It offers a broad range of platforms and cloud-based accounting services by leveraging the industry’s leading accounting platforms designed to create economies of scale resulting in enhanced financial visibility, lower costs and improved business processes. Its client base includes over 6500+ Small & Medium Businesses across auto parts, restaurant, retail, healthcare and hospitality industries, that include franchises of some of the legendary and iconic brands in the nation, as well as not-for-profit organizations.


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