Enhanced Efficiencies in HR & Payroll Processing for a Leading Finance & Accounting Service Provider



Our client is one of the leading Finance and Accounting service providers in the US. They provide F&A services to small & medium businesses across auto parts, not-for-profit organizations, retail, healthcare, hospitality and restaurant industries, which include franchises of some of the most legendary and iconic brands in the country.


The client was using ADP’s HRIS platform for their HRIS requirements and another web based platform to process their payroll. Using the two different platforms required a high degree of manual intervention that led to an increase in the administrative burden for their small HR team. The HRIS platform was not integrated with payroll or any of their benefit carriers, so when there was an employee change that affected benefits, it required the same entry to be made in about 12 different places resulting in inefficiencies in the entire payroll/HRIS process. Moreover, there was no dedicated account manager assigned to the client by their existing service provider who could provide personalized live guidance or troubleshoot and resolve their queries immediately. As a result, the client was looking to replace the existing system with a user-friendly, intuitive HRIS system that could integrate payroll & HR related functions within a single platform. In 2014, the client evaluated several service providers and platforms and chose Quatrro as its partner for outsourced payroll and HRIS.


Payroll experts at Quatrro engaged with the client to customize a solution to fit their needs. Quatrro then smoothly transitioned the client to their feature-rich, intuitive platform that offers a streamlined interface for managing payroll and HR processes. This platform also provides a self-service portal for employees, and has helped the client’s HR team streamline employee on-boarding, time & attendance management, and benefit provider notification of employee changes. The client now has integration between the time & attendance system and payroll and direct feeds from the HRIS system to their benefit carriers. Additionally, Quatrro provided an assigned payroll/HRIS specialist to the client that can help them navigate the system when needed and resolve any questions immediately.



Quatrro enabled the client to gain access to seamless payroll and HRIS management services that facilitated the achievement of better resource management and saved the client from the hassles and time-consuming tasks of payroll and benefit management processing they had been facing. Key values delivered include:

  • Enhanced efficiencies in gathering, validating and preparing time & attendance data for upload each pay period
  • Streamlined HR workflows – especially around benefits management – eliminating manual efforts
  • More intuitive, integrated system that allows the client’s HR
    team, and their employees, to easily find what they need
  • Access to a direct point-of-contact/subject-matter-expert for
    personalized live guidance when needed.


Quatrro continues to service the client and works as an extension of their internal HR team.


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