Over the last 10 years, the outsourcing of business processes in general and non-core functions like IT, HR, F&A, Procurement and others have evolved rapidly and come to be routinely serviced from delivery centers located in different continents. The activity that began as “lift and drop” of the processes from high cost to low cost locations is evolving to transforming the business processes through “Platform-based Processing”. This involves building processing capabilities, leveraging the software platform and making it available to customers on a “transaction pricing” model. In essence, it is a SaaS++ model wherein the Business Processes are delivered as a Service, “BPaaS”, leading to a lower Total Cost of Ownership for the end customers.

For service providers, it leads to higher revenues and customer stickiness as illustrated below:



Total Cost of Ownership and Business Value are the key drivers for Small and Medium businesses while evaluating accounting service providers. The challenge lies in providing state-of-the-art technology platforms like SAP or Microsoft Dynamics at affordable price points to the Small and Medium business market.

Quatrro has developed an innovative platform based accounting model, built on the strengths of innovative cloud concepts like multitenancy and skill based routing that has enabled hundreds and thousands of small businesses, franchisors and franchisees across the United States and the rest of the world gain access to affordable accounting solutions. Highlighted below is a brief outline of our solution:

Applicability: The accounting functions that we have streamlined through our model include:

  • Accounts Payables (AP)
  • Accounts Receivables (AR)
  • Reconciliations (Rec)
  • General Ledger (GL)

Background: The traditional model of service delivery necessitates that teams be structured and dedicated by client. In the mid-market in which Quatrro operates, this would necessitate the need for multi skilled resources and process inefficiencies. The gains due to economy of scale would be lost. The model which Quatrro has developed is laid out as follows:


Key Features of the Model:

  • Teams based on functions – Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Reconciliations
  • The Quatrro analyst works on the employee portal wrapped around the accounting platform
  • Client Portal is platform and client agnostic
  • On shore presence to manage client sensitivities to off shoring


Implementation Methodology:

The work is allocated by skill sets (functions) that translates into increase in efficiency. Allocation via process flow would have required the resources to be really efficient as they would need to know the entire value chain of the process. Usually, the resources are adequately trained in a particular skill set and as the process becomes repetitive, it results in enhanced efficiency. Moreover, these allocated functions shorten the turnaround time.


  • The portal platform is an integral part of our platform based accounting sulution
  • The portal provides a key interface between client users and Quatrro back-end accounting services team :
    • 4 Allows client end-users to access key financial reports and participate in transactional workflows
    • 4 Eliminates the need for users to learn complex technulogy
    • 4 Provides flexibility to turn-around client specific enhancement/workflows in minimum time period
  • Other benefits of the portal include: Operational:
      • 4 Helps in standardizing operational processes for data & document processing across clients
      • 4 Helps in monitoring health of the processes and take corrective actions when needed
      • 4 Reduces client on-boarding and go-live timelines



    • 4 Provides for multi-tenancy architecture eliminating the need for a fresh install & configuration for every new client
    • 4 Provides for easy customization of reports
    • 4 Architecture allows scalability of hardware, software and storage requirements as clients evulve in the future
  • The client facing portal allows client users to access key financial reports and participate in the transactional workflows, via the internet.
  • Inputs:
    • 4 Ability to submit transactional data via the portal
    • 4 Alternate modes of communication like email, efax, ftp also available
    • 4 Can submit documents in various formats
      – pdf, jpeg, tiff, excel, word, txt, zip
  • Outputs – Financial Reports*:
    • Real time reports
    • Scheduled monthly or period end reports
    • Analytical information
  • Other features:
    • Vendor payment selection & authorization for processing
    • Search for documents / images online from the Documents repository
    • Operational metrics via reports and dashboards


The process via which the data records are entered from the “Client Portal” to the “Master Platform” which sits at the background is called “On-boarding”. Our “On-boarding” approach involves multiple business processes and scenarios pre-configured on the Quatrro platform to meet client requirements. Thereafter, templates for every function and process are built to ensure knowledge transfer. The greatest benefit achieved by the “On boarding approach” which rests on the automated communication between the “Client Portal” and the “Master Platform” is the shortening of the time required to go-live from the earlier 4-6 months to 4-6 weeks. As a result, the client benefits and their profitability can increase at a quicker pace.



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