SMB’s are availing End-to-End Managed IT Services to enhance their operational efficiencies

Growth opportunities for SMB’s improve substantially when technology is included in the equation. However, most SMB’s lack access to expert resources that can help them maintain pace with technology on their own. In addition to this, SMB’s often face even greater challenges keeping their IT systems & software applications up & running because they are understaffed. At the same time, SMB’s need to refocus their limited resources on their core business because of escalating competitive pressures & customer demands. For an increasing number of SMB’s, the answer to these problems is relatively simple: partner with trusted service providers that offers tailored end-to-end Managed IT Services, or customized tech support services enabling them to significantly improve data management, productivity, processes and security across their company.

Services offered by a professional Managed IT Firm are broadly categorized in four categories as highlighted below:

  • 1. End user Computing Services: This includes services like:
    • a. Remote Server Management services
    • b. NMS implementation using SNMP and WMI
    • c. Automated email alerts
    • d. Automated monitoring of critical services (Web, FTP, DNS, etc.)
    • e. Distributed monitoring
    • f. Flexible problem alerting and resolution
  • 2. Application Support and Services: This includes services like:
    • a. Platform as a Service (PaaS): Platform as a Service is an application developer tool, designed to give SMB’s a ‘bare bone’ platform on which to build from. Enterprise’s PaaS allows SMB’s to easily scale their space to fit their needs with minimum and maximum settings. This enables them to only pay for the space used, instead of space allowed.
    • b. Enterprise Mobility Management as a Service (MDMaaS): The Enterprise Mobility Management offering from enterprise is powered by Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite. The feature set includes, Mobility Management (covering IOS, Android and Windows) secure collaboration spaces, policy enforcement, control gates for access to company applications.
    • c. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): Enterprise’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides Contracting Bodies with a fully integrated cloud based resilient platform that meets all of their communication needs. This fully managed service combines traditional telephony features with innovative collaboration and messaging tools.
    • d. Service Desk as a Service (SDaaS): This is an ITIL-aligned Service Desk that offers a single point of contact between end-users and their suppliers for all supported services. The Service Desk provides effective end to end management of service disruptions; service requests and change requests using a highly configurable Cloud based Service Management Toolset.
  • 3. Network Services: This includes services like:
    • a. Storage: Managing and accommodating the storage growth of an SMB
    • b. Networking: Assuring reliable, simple, secure access to network resources
    • c. Server: Managing centralization and consolidation of SMB’s server environment
    • d. End user: Providing a simplified, cost effective, efficient end user experience
    • e. Security: Protecting SMB’s business data and information
  • 4. Tech Support Services: This includes services like:
    • a. TSS & CDM: Tech support services and centralized desktop management on various operating platforms.
    • b. End user: Providing a simplified, cost effective, efficient end user experience
  • Keeping systems running and avoiding downtime are the most vital issues facing SMB’s these days, and those who partner with outsourcing companies have a far higher success rate at both. The figure below aptly depicts the benefits leveraged by SMB’s when they avail tailored end to end Managed IT Services and customized tech support services from an outsourcing firm.


Quatrrobss has a proven history in providing end-to-end Managed IT Services and Tech Support services that help SMB’s enjoy secure and scalable IT infrastructure. Our business partners in the US, Canada and the UK support SMBs to manage their IT operations remotely. If you are an SMB and would like to embrace the cutting-edge of vital technology and effective combination of professionals, processes and tools to ensure that your IT infrastructure always performs at its best, please feel free to reach out to us.


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