Tips for an Efficient & Successful Month-End Close for SMBs


The monthly financial close process is a daunting task for many small and medium businesses (SMBs), as it consumes many hours to double-check data and formulas, fix mistakes and consolidate multiple spreadsheets into a final set of financial reports. For many SMB’s, this process is all done manually which really extends the amount of time it takes. As a result, the chances of errors are relatively high which can result in severe consequences for an organization.

In this blog, we will highlight a few tips every SMB owner can follow to ensure an efficient and successful month-end close.

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Best Practices for SMBs to Streamline their Audits


“Audits” are usually considered a monumental undertaking for small and medium business (SMBs) owners. However, audits plays a critical role in helping to evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s internal controls, availability of reliable financial reporting, fraud prevention, utilization of its assets and reduction in its cost of capital. Audits also ensure that the business is meeting the expectations of their stakeholders and meeting regulatory requirements of the industry.

Below are the best practices that can help audits flow smoothly, while delivering lasting benefits which will enhance business performance.

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Financial Reporting Challenges SMBs Face!


For any business whether small, medium or big, the significance of financial reporting cannot be underestimated – it provides information about the financial position and changes in the financial situation of a business. However, the flip side of that coin is that financial reporting is complex and many businesses find it challenging to assemble the right team of people that can keep them in compliance as well as provide timely information in a format that allows their management team to make informed decisions when needed.

Some ‘Financial reporting’ challenges that are faced by small and medium businesses (SMBs) are outlined below:

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Outsource Accounts Receivable to drive working capital improvements


In today’s highly competitive business ecosystem, optimal utilization of time plays a vital role to lead the business towards sustainable growth. The key decision makers of the business strive hard and devote their entire attention in analyzing and developing business strategies. Significantly, considerable time of SMB owners is consumed in managing bookkeeping and payroll services such as accounts receivable management, eventually affecting the efficient functioning of their business.

Many of the SMB’s across diverse industry verticals such as Retail, Hospitality, Restaurant, and Healthcare have realized that the key to a successful business relies on an efficient cash flow process as  higher the cash flow, the greater the probability of enhanced profitability. As a result, a lot of these SMB owners are looking forward to partner with trusted service providers that can offer them a comprehensive customized industry specific accounting solutions such as Retail store Accounting Solution for Retailers, Grocery store Bookkeeping solution for Grocers, Restaurant Bookkeeping Solution for Restaurant operators, Hotel Accounting solutions for SMB hotels/motels, or Healthcare accounting solutions for SMB healthcare professionals/organizations.

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