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Profit is the Bottom Line


In our previous blog, we discussed why it is important for a business to create financial reports. We also talked about 5 important ingredients that any SMB owner should consider while preparing the financial reports for their organization. In this blog, I will delve in detail about one of the most important ingredients of a Financial Report which is Profit. As it is rightly said,

Profit is not something to add-on at the end, it is something to plan for in the beginning

There are a lot of numbers you can look at in your financial reports, but what’s the bottom line? Well the fact is that profit is the bottom line – literally at the bottom of the most important financial report – your ‘Profit & Loss Statement’, or a ‘P&L’ as some call it. Profit tells you how much money you are left with after paying all of your expenses. This is a great place to check and see how your business is performing. If you take a look right now at your profit from the last 12 months, what do you see? Is it a big number? Or a negative number?

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How MSPs Can Benefit From Outsourcing Their IT Helpdesk Services

For MSPs, support and customer service is just as important as the software and tools a business uses. In fact, even more important. But unfortunately, a growing labor shortage and an expanding skills gap have left many MSPs unable to find, hire or retain the technical talent needed to support complex SMB environments. For this reason, many MSPs are turning to third-party providers and vendors who offer NOC, helpdesk and other tech support services that can expand and augment an IT provider’s existing capabilities. If done correctly, these relationships can help MSPs greatly expand the scope of their services, extend coverage hours and refocus their internal teams towards more strategic tasks.

In this blog, we will talk about how outsourcing IT helpdesk services is beneficial for MSPs

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Hallmarks of a Good Payroll Process


Payroll processing plays a vital role in every business – no matter how big or small it is. Managing the payroll process effectively is truly complex as it requires knowledge of current taxes and regulations, an well-structured system and careful planning. As a result, it is essential for SMBs to execute their payroll process in a streamlined manner.

So the question is, how can SMBs ensure the success of their payroll process? In other words, what are the key features and “must have’s” that every business’ payroll process should have to minimize the complexities and ensure correct and on time payments to its employees?

In this blog, we will highlight a few hallmarks that every business’ payroll process MUST HAVE.

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Major Payroll Challenges Faced by SMBs


Managing payroll is a task that demands a great deal of attention and even a minor error in its processing can result in significant monetary losses for a business. Further, compliance issues, employee regulations and frequent changes in the tax laws, make payroll processing a highly challenging procedure and it can become difficult for businesses to successfully navigate through it without any problems.

Below are some of the critical challenges that small and medium businesses face while processing payroll for their employees:

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3 Ways SMBs Can Stay On Top Under the New Tax Landscape


President Donald Trump has signed into law the most extensive overhaul of the US tax code in nearly 30 years and it’s arguably the most significant legislation of Trump’s presidency. But for small and medium businesses (SMBs), across various industry verticals such as Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Not for Profit, Restaurant, Technology and Retail, the pertinent question is, how can they leverage this tax reform to their advantage?

In this blog, we will explore three critical actions that SMBs should take to stay on top under the new tax landscape

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