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Smart Accounting for Smart Businesses


In today’s highly competitive world of business, optimum utilization of time plays a vital role for a business’s sustainable growth. Considerable time of SMB owners is consumed in Payroll processing, managing cash flows, getting customers pay on time, keeping the costs down and increasing their profitability. As a result, there is no time to focus on the growth of their business. To thrive in a world where seemingly everyone is a competition, it is very important for a business to be dynamic. SMB owners need to wear multiple hats to manage their time and concurrently keep the wheels of their business revolving. Succinctly, they not only need to work hard, but also, work Smart.

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The Top 4 Pain Points of Growing Childcare Business


If you are like most childcare owners, you started your business because you love kids and have a passion for providing a safe and loving place for families to bring their kids. And, if you are like those same people, you probably also find the administrative side of running your business to be a HUGE, time-consuming source of stress that takes you away from focusing on improving and growing your business! Based on our experience, here are the four biggest administrative pain points in managing and growing a successful childcare business:

Pain Point #1 – Producing Timely and Meaningful Financial Statements on a Regular Basis

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3 Ways SMBs Can Stay On Top Under the New Tax Landscape


President Donald Trump has signed into law the most extensive overhaul of the US tax code in nearly 30 years and it’s arguably the most significant legislation of Trump’s presidency. But for small and medium businesses (SMBs), across various industry verticals such as Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Not for Profit, Restaurant, Technology and Retail, the pertinent question is, how can they leverage this tax reform to their advantage?

In this blog, we will explore three critical actions that SMBs should take to stay on top under the new tax landscape

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5 Tips for Managing the Cash Flow of Your Organization

Cash Flow-blog

Cash flow is the lifeblood of an organization as cash flowing regularly into a company is necessary to pay salaries, buy inventory and literally keep the lights on and the doors open. Companies are forced to slow their growth when they lack the cash inflows that are required to support the cost outflows. Owners who cannot efficiently manage their business cash flow are almost certain to fail and those who are able to manage can improve nearly every aspect of their business.

Below are five tips for managing the cash flow of your business:

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October, 2017 –Nonprofit organizations are significant contributors to the American economy. According to GDP data compiled by the World Bank, the global nonprofit industry were a nation and it would have the sixteenth largest economy in the world. In addition to the economic activity created by nonprofit organizations and the countless services that are delivered by them on behalf of government agencies, nonprofit organizations are also one of the largest employment providers across the country.