Division: Retail
Position: Accountant – Retail
Location: US, Preferably Atlanta

Purpose of the Job:

Serves as primary contact for the client. Delivers scheduled financial statements, providing coaching and counseling to business owners and operations managers to help improve margins and impact their bottom line. Discuss monthly financial statements, plans, and schedules as applicable with the client.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Builds and maintains relationships by speaking with clients and key stakeholders and providing them with world-class customer service.
  2. Identifies, engages, and delivers the right resources and solutions for all Quatrro services provided to the client.
  3. Works closely with clients to solve issues related to complicated financial statement situations. Monitors finances to aid clients functioning within those guidelines, and provides financial analysis and advice to clients.
  4. Provides best practices by leveraging different functions within Quatrro to help the client improve their business execution. Coordinates with other internal Quatrro teams for consultative support on all services such as financial statements, bank reconciliations, payroll, and accounts payable.
  5. Leverages the established relationship with the client to obtain all necessary documentation promptly to meet the contractual delivery timeline for all services.
  6. Responsible for all Quatrro activities for each client from financial statements to billing and collection.
  7. Execute negotiated contract terms and scope to ensure financial profitability for existing client(s) portfolio.
  8. Provide leadership, mentoring, and guidance to cross-functional teams aligned to a particular client delivery process.
  9. Maintains a reference-able client base by delivering exceptional service according to guidelines outlined in the contract.
  10. Deals with client concerns and issues to ensure they are attended to promptly and dealt with according to client satisfaction. Escalates any issues as needed to the management team quickly to ensure client satisfaction.
  11. Completes a monthly performance scorecard and meets with management each month to review the scorecard, outlining any follow-up actions with timelines for areas requiring attention.
  12. Utilize all appropriate technology for communicating, documenting, and following up with internal and external relationships to accomplish all aspects of the job.
  13. Identifies SARG (Same Account Revenue Growth) opportunities for each client and the strategic approach and detailed plan for selling these services.
  14. Alert management to any client changes that will positively or negatively impact revenue (i.e., new store additions, new client ventures, client selling, store closing, etc).
  15. Build and maintain relationships by gaining insights into the client’s business to become a trusted advisor, laying the groundwork to sell additional Quatrro products and services to the client.

About Quatrro Business Support Services (“Quatrro”):

Quatrro is a technology-enabled, cloud-based outsourcing firm to small, mid to large enterprises across industries that’s changing the way companies think about finance and accounting and technology services. They provide world-class teams combined with highly personal service, and a portal that let you see and manage everything online.  The trouble with most back-office outsourcing solutions is that they leave you with too many missing pieces – in the client experience, in the work delivered, in the reporting you receive, and more.  With smarter systems and over 2,300 specialists in fields ranging from finance to technology services, Quatrro helps you see further, scale smarter and stand stronger.  And that’s why we consistently achieve very high customer, and employee, satisfaction ratings. Quatrro. Get More to Go On.