CPA Details Benefits

cpaAre you performing low-margin, back-office tasks for your clients - or worse yet - watching them struggle to perform basic accounting and bookkeeping tasks themselves? Let Quatrro provide a more efficient and profitable way to manage your clients’ back-office functions.

Enhance your firm’s profitability by shifting transactional back-office tasks onto our highly efficient workflow. You’ll be a hero to your clients - and still have plenty of time to focus on higher-margin value-added services like tax, audit, and business advisory services.

  • You can trust us. We have 20+ years’ experience providing back-office accounting services across multiple platforms. It’s all we do, and we don’t compete with what you do best.
  • We never slow you down. If bookkeeping has become a bottleneck at your or your client’s firm, rest assured that by creating an alliance with Quatrro , your client’s financials will always be produced in a manner that is consistent, timely and accurate.
  • We love this stuff! The back-office accounting work is a barrier for you; it keeps your firm from being as productive, profitable and valuable as you’d like to be. But it’s what we do best.

Alliance Partnership:

Introduce us to your clients as a provider of back-office accounting services. Free up your staff to improve profitability by focusing on more complex client issues. Collect a revenue share from us and pass along the savings to your clients. It’s simple and profitable for you.

White Label:

White label Quatrro bookkeeping services by hiring us to handle these activities. Retain 100% of the client-facing relationship but off-load the low-margin work to a trusted partner. Choose to bill our services at a higher rate or pass along the savings to your clients.

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