Small Business Office Management

The unfathomable pressure faced by CXOs today is to enhance business profitability and forge new partnerships to drive their business growth. One of the prominent methods involves focusing on what you do best and outsource non-core functions to experts who specialize in those areas. In addition, it is quintessential for CXOs like yourself to ensure effective management of your valuable time and have outsourced experts to assist you with routing activities.

Quatrro’s small business office management support services endeavors to help business leaders like you achieve their business objective. With Quatrro at your side, you will benefit from enhanced efficiencies by streaming routine tasks such as Editing documents, Slide share or Presentation creation, scheduling calendar and prioritizing emails.

Effective execution of non-core activities is very essential for all types of businesses. Therefore, Quatrro, through its partners, offers Professional Support Services to help businesses streamline their operations and enhance efficiencies of non-core functions.

Our experienced professional executive assistants will work as an extension of your team by providing personalized support, exemplary customer service and consistent communication, 24x7.

Just like an office manager is responsible for reviewing and monitoring systems as well as focusing on specific outcomes such as turnovers, improved timescales, sales, etc. In a similar manner, our office management support will help you with all these activities in an effective and efficient way.

Document Handling Services

  • Document creation
  • Editing of new or existing documents
  • Stripping, cleaning, and formatting documents
  • Data entry
  • Transcription services
  • Slide or PowerPoint creation

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Managing calendar
  • Returning emails / calls
  • Office management support
  • Administration support
  • Web based support
  • Slide or PowerPoint creation

With growing competition among businesses, efficiency and cost-effectiveness is the need of the hour. At Quatrro, we strive to provide businesses with just that through office management tools that help reduce the burden of non-core activity management and allows them to focus on the more strategic aspects of running the business.