Talent Acquisition Services

Talent Acquisition Solutions that Add Value, Delivered by a Team of Experts

A key priority for companies wanting to stay competitive is leveraging easily available, efficient, agile and effective recruitment processes that decrease overall hiring time. Talent acquisition services are designed to add real value to the business, by promoting the brand and providing the best candidate experience possible. Furthermore leveraging our services, organizations can easily scale their recruitment efforts, thereby reducing complexities and increasing efficiencies. Recruiting the right candidate for the right position is not only challenging these days; it also necessitates companies to think outside the box. Organizations risk poor-quality hiring if done under duress, which can lead to increased vacancy costs, poor performance, and even negative impact on the organization’s entire culture.

For the talent acquisition process to be effective, companies are increasingly relying on new models and techniques, aimed at reducing turnaround times and overhead. Quatrro’s Talent Acquisition Services team leverages their extensive talent networks, recruitment and search expertise and in-depth understanding of the client’s organizational culture and missions.

We understand the type of talent the group requires to succeed and provide services on a daily basis. This, combined with a unique behavior-based selection process, that provides insight into what makes a candidate suitable, enables us to provide clients with a future-proof recruiting experience. In addition, our extensive network and numerous industry connections allow us to reach candidates who aren’t even actively looking for opportunities. This, in turn, expands the talent pool of highly qualified candidates without the need of expensive job postings , thereby creating more value for the organization. So that you Get more to go on with us.

What our talent acquisition services portfolio does:

  • Provides you with a dedicated, experienced team to search their network of potential candidates to find the right fit for your open position
  • Enables deep understanding of each individual candidate and organization
  • Brings extensive knowledge and experience working in the non-profit industry
  • How businesses can Get more to go on:

    • A consistent and streamlined recruit-to-hire process
    • Increased overall hiring practices efficiency
    • Access to industry knowledge , to ensure that the right candidate is hired for the right position
    • Support for multiple application channels
    • Allows you to focus on core activities without the distraction of all the steps of the recruiting and hiring process interfering
    • Access to a trusted and experienced talent pool