Talent Development Services

Simplifying Process Efficiency through Training and Development

Increasing levels of attrition, the need for a flexible work-life balance and employee-centric programs have focused attention on talent management systems particularly, talent development services.

Organizations are increasingly leveraging talent development tools and services to assess the strengths and requirements at both, individual and the organizational levels in order to make the most of their talent pool.

Organizations today place a high value on workforce development. Typically, talent development services include providing a clear and transparent career path, as well as necessary support and development programs required for employees to reach their full potential. The overall goal is to to align an organization’s skills with its overall strategy.

Quattro’s Talent Development Services portfolio is designed to provide your leadership team and workforce with the necessary skill-sets, approach and retention tools required to succeed. We help clients to manage the entire employee lifecycle, aimed at ensuring the best possible outcomes for your organization.

We provide advice and coaching on strategies that enable the organization’s leadership, employees and the team as a whole, to strive to be their best. We offer assistance in the following capacities:

  • As feedback coaches, we provide support in building and implementing evaluations, feedback, and development plans
  • As content coaches, we are focused on developing training that will grow specific skill sets within the organization
  • As accountability partners, we support strategies for guiding employees through the development process
  • As onboarding coaches, we support new employee integration in the critical first year
  • What we do:

    • Executive Coaching and Development: This includes coaching for middle and upper level management . The goal is to improve their performance and help them get the most out of their teams
    • Individual Coaching and Development: This includes developing necessary soft skills for individual contributors
    • Organizational/Team Development: This includes team building and development, particularly in the area of workplace behavior

    How businesses can Get more to go on:

    • Enhanced focus on employee retention
    • Creating a strong employer brand
    • Improved resource scalability
    • Improved access to talent with the right skill sets for success of your organization
    • Guidance on the right mix of people and technology
    • Creating long-term value for both, employees and the employer