Financial Model Development

Simplify Critical Decision-Making and Financial Analysis

Uncover actionable insights into a target’s likely outcomes and future performance based on revenue and expense projections.

Quatrro’s Financial Model tool is designed to assess performance and projected outcomes aimed at helping you build out effective financial statements indicative of the company’s future finances and operations. Once you are armed with this data then you can make better decisions about where to make investments and what to steer clear of.

Making critical decisions that are expected to result in positive outcomes, such as sales, revenue growth, etc, is a priority for every business. Creating such financial models, however, entails a number of challenges. Typically, these include understanding the scope of the work required; building the model in a flexible way to cater to the evolving business, etc.

Partnering with Quatrro ensures the ‘how’ behind building your financial models is addressed. We help you depict real-world business cases to emphasize the potential financial outcomes/impact and their dependency on various assumptions. Through the use of our financial model, clients are able to garner actionable insights into the most likely financial outcomes, which they are then able to use as the basis for the decision on whether to move forward with investing in an acquisition or not.

What our financial model tool does:

  • Allows you to review multiple acquisition targets in one file with sensitivity toggles
  • Incorporates automatic covenant testing for lenders, such as Leverage Ratios, FCCR, and more
  • Enables “What If” analysis to evaluate increase/decrease in revenue or cost assumptions and the effect on EBITDA, Net Income, Cash Balances and Financial Covenants
  • Dynamically adjust revolver drawdown based on minimum cash balance to be maintained
  • View consolidated P&L and Cash Flow for all, or just selected, acquisitions
  • Provides visibility into revenue and expense forecasts including monthly/quarterly EBITDA/adjusted EBITDA numbers
  • Includes investing activity consideration values into the calculations
  • Identify debt-equity split for debt and equity schedules
  • Leverages visuals of key benchmarks such as Revenue, Income, CAGR, Key Ratios and Stock Prices
  • Generate comparisons of forecast versus actual post acquisition

How your business can Get More to Go On:

  • Gain insights into fund requirement and strategy
  • Leverage in-depth, data-driven business evaluation
  • Minimization of financial risks through data and insight
  • Enhanced accuracy of financial budgets and forecasts
  • Accurate valuation of the business