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Today, technology is embedded into every aspect of our lives. However, in the face of so much change, the right choice can be overwhelming. We offer you easy, adaptable and agile proprietary tools so that you can get more to go on to make agile business decisions. Our technology enables your leadership team more time on the one vital need in every business – the ability to focus on strategic objectives pertaining to the core business.

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The business world today is an ever dynamic and ever demanding one. Ensuring that our clients stay on top of the game is our principal focus. An innovative Business Intelligence and Financial Analytics tool, Xview also serves as a complete business management tool designed to aid key business stakeholders by providing state-of the-art analysis, reporting and report designing capabilities.

It enables businesses to measure and track overall KPIs, watch trends, and forecast in order to gain insights and transparency which ultimately boosts your bottom-line growth. With best-in-class dashboards, alerts and reporting templates across multiple variables and dimensions, we provide end-to-end financial analysis, paired with operational and sales performance analysis, at both individual and consolidated levels. This enhances your financial visibility and enables you to make informed decisions by looking and thinking ahead, and not doing business with a rear-view mirror approach.

Some of the key features and benefits of our tool are:

  • End-to-End Reporting
    • Best-in-class unit/location-level financial dashboards, reporting templates and alerts
    • Benchmarking to identify trends and red flags
    • Real-time views and alerts across business processes
    • Rapid Time-to-Value and Speed-of-Thought analysis
  • High-End Technology
    • Built on the powerful and versatile Power Xview platform
    • Mobile on-the-go access to data and information
    • Reporting through a single-solution architecture
  • Enhanced Flexibility
    • Power to “slice-and-dice” and drill into the data
    • Capability to provide different views depending upon the selected dimension
  • Management-level Strategic Support
    • Executive dashboards, including our brand-new CFO Dashboard
    • Consistent use of KPIs across the business
    • Actionable insights
  • Efficient Data Utilization
    • Optimal memory utilization
    • Faster data refresh and reload

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Having streamlined processes in place is imperative to accelerate work-flows and efficiencies which ultimately lead to attaining your goals. At QBSS, we understand that and work continuously to find new ways to bring our customers added value in this digital world. With this vision, we designed and developed our proprietary XPort customer portal as a platform to streamline and digitize the business and operational processes for clients onto a single platform.

The XPort portal provides:

  • Web-based Interface for Anytime/Anywhere access
  • A centralized repository of financial information
  • Uniform and standard operational processes for data processing with mandatory-by-design quality checks at each stage
  • Custom workflows specific to client requirements
  • Role-based access and real-time visibility
  • Seamless integration with accounting platform
  • Real-time drill-down reports, down to the invoice image or journal entry detail
  • On-demand access to a range of financial reports and accounts payable (AP) reports
  • Financial reports by various views – by profit center/location, business area, manager and more
  • General ledger inquiry to view historical balances and transactions for a single account or multiple accounts
  • AP inquiry to view vendor balances and transactions, invoice status, invoice image, payments and more
  • Report repository with Historical Report Access
  • AP Invoice approval workflow
  • AP Invoice payment selection and authorization offering cash flow control capabilities
  • Customer interaction center
  • Ability to upload documents and find documents
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