End-to-End Management of the Employment Lifecycle

Quatrro’s Human Resource (HR) services portfolio addresses all human capital management (HCM) requirements and aspirations for a variety of organization types and sizes. We enable themto focus on strategy and reduce time and resources spent on administrative and transactional HR tasks. We ensure that clients can achieve cost and time efficiencies while also taking a strategic approach to HR and improving employee services and experience.
Outsourcing HR function to QBSS will give your business:

  • Access to specialized and seasoned expertise in HR
  • An increased emphasis on organization mission and goals rather than internal processes
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory best practices
  • Access technology that enhances the management of employee performance, including online/onsite supervisory HR training and eLearning, etc

Our Current Offerings

Our HR services portfolio ensures that organizations can improve their own competitive advantages by focusing on the their larger mission and vision.

  • Evaluation of HR administration and compliance supervise basic functions and guidance to  management of the HR administration
  • Review procedures for industry best practices and efficient operations
  • Supervise basic HR functions and guidance to management on HR administration
  • Provide strategic HR methods in relation to business objectives
  • Provide tools and recommendations to enhance organizational culture
  • Strategic guidance relating to staff engagement, development, and performance management
  • Support creation of compensation philosophy and total
    rewards package

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  • Manage, advise and administer employee benefit plans through an HRIS
  • Maintain an employee handbook
  • Oversee and facilitate employee on-boarding, talent acquisition, and off-boarding processes
  • Function as an HR compliance advisor relating to local, state, and federal labor laws
  • Advise on employee relations coaching
  • Liaison for management and the Board of Directors.
  • Facilitate a transition of electronic HRIS
  • Partner with management to facilitate performance management practices
  • Managed Payroll

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  • Executive Search
  • Executive Coaching and Development
  • Retained Talent Acquisition Search
  • Leader Coaching and Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Individual Coaching and Development

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Get more to go on

How Our Clients Get More To Go On, While Focusing On Lean Operations:

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  • Enable faster decision making in real-time, with digitally enhanced, compliance ready and accurate reporting delivered within 10 business days
  • Gain an end-to-end holistic view through analytical dashboards, reports and benchmarks
Scale Smarter
  • Enhance technical and technological capabilities without inflated overheads
  • Grow your business without added pressure on your resources or overhead
  • Focus on “big-picture” strategies and not back-office operations
  • Boost bottom-lines with up to 40-60% reduction in costs
Stand Stronger
  • Garner actionable insights from a team of industry experts
  • Leverage vertical-specific best practices, while being fully compliant with regulations and tax legislation
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