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It’s decision time. And you’re still not sure what to do. Why? Because you just don’t have enough information to go on. Yes, you’ve got the P&L, but it hasn’t been updated. You’ve got inventory projections, but you don’t know how accurate they are. You’re not sure if you can really trust the latest A/R report or the performance data from your different locations. To top it all off, you haven’t got anyone who can really help you interpret this data – let alone benchmark it against other companies like yours. There are just too many missing pieces. But that’s why there’s Quatrro Business Support Services. We give you more to go on.

QBSS’s portfolio of accounting solutions is designed to mitigate these risks. We ensure clients are empowered to create economies of scale, while delivering transformative benefits to the overall business. In short, we ensure business owners, CEOs, CFOs and other decision-makers are able to secure business continuity in an ever-evolving business environment.

Our Current Offerings

Business Improvement

Our comprehensive Finance and Accounting services helps you have better financial control through sharper insights and streamlined processes for healthy cash flow, maintaining accurate documentation, and more to drive long-term growth.

Finance & Accounting

Our services improve the “Record to Report” process. This, in turn, ensures, on-time delivery of accurate financial data, thereby strengthening compliance.

Our services improve the “Record to Report” process. This, in turn, ensures, on-time delivery of accurate financial data, thereby strengthening compliance.

  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • General Ledger
  • Bank Account and GL Reconciliations
  • Cash and Credit Card Deposit Verifications
  • Inter-Company Accounting
  • Fixed Asset Account Management
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Corporate Consolidation Reporting
  • Compliance Reporting

QBSS’s “Procure to Pay” services ensure companies are able to efficiently optimize their working capital. Consequently, business processes are streamlined and smart cash management ensured.

  • Mailroom Services
  • Invoice Processing and Disbursements
  • Approval Workflow
  • Vendor Management
  • Electronic Invoice Integration
  • Statement Research
  • Utility Tracking
  • Positive Pay
  • 1099 Reporting
  • W9 Tracking
  • Tax and License Processing
  • AP Aging Report

QBSS provides an end-to-end solution that provides a holistic view of the “Order to Cash” process. This, in turn, serves to enhance overall operational and financial performance.

  • Prepare, Verify, and Dispatch
  • Order Management
  • Customer Billing
  • Customer Inquiries
  • Cash Management
  • Monitor and Follow-Up for Collections
  • Setup and Monitor Customer Master
  • Bad Debt Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable Reconciliations
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report
Business Improvement

We offer practical, prudent and hands-on advisory support, and insights in specific business areas to enhance your agile decision making and critical strategic initiatives planning.

Our services help create a consolidated view of your financial model for acquisition analysis with quality and accuracy.

  • Review multiple acquisition targets in one file with sensitivity toggles
  • View consolidated P&L and Cash Flow for all selected acquisitions
  • See revenue and expense forecasts including monthly/quarterly EBITDA/adjusted EBITDA numbers
  • Automatic covenant testing for lenders, such as Leverage Ratios, FCCR, and more
  • Include investing activity considertation values into the calculations
  • “What If” analysis to evaluate increase/decrease in revenue or cost assumptions and the effect on EBITDA, Net Income, Cash Balances and Financial Covenants
  • Identify debt-equity split for debt and equity schedules
  • Visuals of key benchmarks such as Revenue, Income, CAGR, Key Ratios and Stock Prices
  • Dynamically adjust revolver drawdown based on minimum cash balance to be maintained
  • Comparisons of forecast versus actual post acquisition

Our services offer executive-level support and management of finance teams to drive enterprise value.

  • Review and identification of opportunities for EBITDA improvement
  • Management of budget and forecasting cycles
  • Assessing organization and making recommendations for growth
  • Preparation for acquisition, merger or exit
  • Implementing plans to optimize cash flow
  • Providing guidance and oversee due diligence activities for raising capital and attracting investors
  • Management of year-end processes and review of year-end closing
  • Preparation or management of audit process
  • Review and preparation of facility reporting

Our services help systemize your various evaluation and documentation needs with effectiveness.

  • Review of existing processes for streamlining and standardization for uncovering automation opportunities
  • Providing experienced professionals for developing policies and procedures for startups and other companies
  • Documentation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Organization and guidance in updating existing documentation
  • Updating backlogged processes, determining the reason for the backlogs with implementation of improvements
Payroll & HCM

QBSS, powered by our partner CertiPay, takes care of the complete Human Capital Management and Payroll needs. Our unique approach addresses the employment life cycle from pre-hire to post-retire thus successfully managing your talent while reducing your HR overload. Regardless of your company’s size, our flexible technology and service models streamline processes, improve productivity and simplify administration to help you achieve peak performance.

  • Flexibility for Small Business to Enterprise payroll (self-service and managed options)
  • Mobile Options for accessing and updating information on-the-go
  • Automate the handling of federal withholding and other payroll taxes
  • Report Center with access to hundreds of standard reports
  • Ability to create, modify, share and customize reports through Report Center as well
  • Data exports available for ease of loading data into third-party applications
  • Labor distribution and job costing by organization unit or specific job
  • Time and attendance tracking solutions fully integrated with payroll
  • Automation of data sharing with key systems and vendors (i.e., GL. POS. 401(k), etc)

  • Online cloud-based HR support including forms, trainings, best practices and more
  • Highly experienced and credentialed HR professionals to support your specific needs and structure
  • Customizable HR trainings
  • Preparation of management of audit process
  • Comprehensive reviews of current HR resources, policies, procedure, documentation and systems

  • Employee benefits and online benefits enrollment solutions
  • Professional Employer Organizer (PEO)
  • Business insurance
Get more to go on

How we give our clients More to Go On, while focusing on lean operations:

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  • Enable faster decision making in real-time, with digitally enhanced, compliance ready and accurate reporting delivered within 10 business days
  • Gain an end-to-end holistic view through analytical dashboards, reports and benchmarks
Scale Smarter
  • Enhance technical and technological capabilities without inflated overheads
  • Grow your business without added pressure on your resources or overhead
  • Focus on “big-picture” strategies and not back-office operations
  • Boost bottom-lines with up to 40-60% reduction in costs
Stand Stronger
  • Garner actionable insights from a team of industry experts
  • Leverage vertical-specific best practices, while being fully compliant with regulations and tax legislation
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