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The private equity landscape today has become increasingly crowded. Aggressive growth over the past decade has resulted in fierce competition with more competitors and peers entering the deal-making game. Increasing efficiencies in a PE firm is nothing new to prevent margin erosion, and today it has certainly taken on a new sense of urgency. Private equity players have to look outside the box for opportunities to maximize EBITDA, and one way they’re finding to do this is by streamlining and consolidating processes for cost-reduction and efficiency, especially in their back-office operations.

Typically, an asset will have a great front, but could face huge obstacles with disparate accounting systems, convoluted workflows and de-centralized processes. Adding skilled manpower doesn’t really amount to efficiency, on the contrary it only gets expensive fast. Slow financial closings and poorly documented processes, as well as leadership that spends much of its time on transactional rework instead of growth strategy, makes for an opportunity cost to really consider. Either they divert revenue and attention toward internal value-neutral tasks or realign to growth vehicles like research and development (R&D).

For private equity funds that need to streamline these processes as nimbly and quickly as possible, outsourcing is a powerful tool, but not every provider is created equally. Most often, whatever cost reduction can be gleaned ends up accounting for very little when the end result is lackluster efficiency improvements. The new strategies that give funds a competitive edge require a new way of doing business when it comes to outsourced talent – they must be able to scale rapidly and deliver returns in the form of both efficiency and cost savings.

At QBSS, you Get More to Go On. That’s because we truly understand PE and mid-market companies. With experienced PMO resources paired with a time-tested transition methodology and domain expertise, we offer stability, scalability and standardization. As a platform agnostic provider, we’re able to work within our clients’ preferred ERP or allow them to leverage our platforms. By partnering with us you get customized solutions, delivered by quality teams of highly skilled professionals that function as an extension of your team.

Impact delivered
3,500+Financials Delivered Each Month
1 million+Bank Transactions Reconciled Each Month
1.6 million+AP Invoices Processed Each Year
Our solutions

For Private Equity Firms

Finance and Accounting Services

  • Record to Report
  • Procure to Pay
  • Order to Cash
  • Financial Model Development
  • CFO Advisory​
  • Policies and Procedures Evaluations

HR Services

  • HR Advisory
  • HR Operations
  • Talent Acquisition & Development

Technology Services

  • Professional and Cloud Services
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Managed IT Services
  • Business Enablement Services
  • Mobility Services

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