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Accounting Services for Healthcare

While providing quality care leaves little time for accounting and other back-office activities, healthcare is inevitably a business, meaning these functions are essential to ensuring operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and the overall success of your enterprise.

At Quatrro, we understand that many critical elements required to succeed in the industry – providing clear information and support, maintaining empathy, and being accessible and reliable – are also critical elements of an effective back-office team. We go beyond merely recording and totaling numbers – we analyze, interpret, and draw out the actionable insights that will drive the meaningful and continuous improvements your healthcare organization needs to succeed and thrive, no matter the obstacles you face.

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Quatrro Gives Healthcare Providers More to Go On

As your partner, you can rely on Quatrro to deliver efficient accounting processes, valuable and actionable insights, and seamless technology platforms, freeing you and your team to focus on what you do best – provide quality care. Quatrro gives you more to go on, ensuring you and your team are well equipped to:

  • See Further: Because you can’t make real-time decisions without up-to-date data.
  • Scale Smarter: If the back office can’t keep up, the front office won’t either.
  • Stand Stronger: You make the best decisions while standing on a solid foundation.
Our HIPAA compliant finance and accounting services for healthcare providers are designed to give our clients more to go on. By striving to offer value beyond process efficiencies, cost control, and domain expertise with technology-enabled advanced solutions and client-centric flexibility, we empower healthcare organizations and providers to:
  • Reduce overall overhead costs by up to 40-60%
  • Improve quality through proven best practices
  • Ensure compliance with dynamic accounting regulations
  • Gain improved process efficiency
  • Leverage flexibility and scalability to react quickly when business needs change
  • Increase financial transparency
  • Better monitor expenses and identify cost saving opportunities
  • Achieve consistently timely and accurate financial reporting

Our Finance and Account Services for Healthcare

Quatrro’s right-the-first-time approach allows our healthcare industry clients to better manage operational efficiencies and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through lower costs, adherence to regulatory compliances, and enhanced revenues. All of our end-to-end outsourced finance and accounting services are optimized to improve financial insights and ensure your back-office operations and platforms are able to facilitate more agile and nimble decision-making:
  • Record-to-Report: We’ll ensure on-time delivery of accurate financial statements, streamline your bookkeeping processes, and strengthen compliance with GAAP accounting norms. (explore more)
  • Procure-to-Pay: By allowing your business to better manage cash flow and bring efficiencies to the overall process, we’ll help you and your team reduce costs, manage the supply chain, and build stronger relationships with vendors. (explore more)
  • Order-to-Cash: Our end-to-end solution provides a holistic view of the order-to-cash process, enhancing the overall performance of your reporting and collections. (explore more)
  • Financial Model Development: Quatrro’s Financial Model tool assesses performance and projected outcomes, ensuring accurate financial projections that present a reliable picture of your company’s future finances and operations. (explore more)
  • CFO Advisory: Our CFO Advisory services enable your business to ensure compliance with industry best practices while promoting strategic planning to optimize revenue and value. (explore more)
  • Policies and Procedures Evaluation: Our evaluation team focuses on ensuring you deploy and employ an effective, repeatable model that improves efficiency for both your business, your team, and your stakeholders. (explore more)

Accounting Solutions for Every Type of Care Provider

At Quatrro, we’re big believers in inclusivity. That means we take a broad view of the healthcare sector, providing accounting and financial solutions for traditional providers as well as those offering something a little different:  
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical Practices
  • Medical Specialties
  • Physicians Offices
  • Dental Practices, Including Orthodontics and Endodontics
  • Eldercare Providers
  • Childcare Providers
  • Alternative Care Providers
  • Self-Care Providers and Medical Spas
  • And more . . .
Our solutions will allow your business to become more productive, efficient, and profitable, no matter your niche or your challenges.

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Quatrro not only understands the difficult terrain today’s healthcare providers are forced to navigate — we also know precisely what it takes to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. With smarter systems and thousands of specialists in multiple fields, we’ll empower you and your team to see further, scale smarter, and stand stronger. By leveraging our domain expertise, specialization, and tools, you’ll reap the benefits of improved business insights and finally move beyond simply identifying problems to actively shaping solutions yourself. You’ll no longer find yourself reacting; you’ll be equipped to move proactively and prepared to own both the action and the outcome. That’s why we consistently achieve a Net Promoter Score over 70%, while the industry average remains at just 53%. If you’re ready to steer your business toward sustained, profitable growth, contact Quatrro today to learn how our end-to-end finance and accounting solutions can help your healthcare business get more to go on.
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Our right-the-first-time approach, has helped clients manage operational efficiencies through lower costs, adherence to regulatory compliances, and enhanced revenues to provide sustainable competitive advantage

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