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Unlocking Success: Leveraging Outsourced Services to Add Value to Private Equity Investments

January 30, 2024

By Paul Lennick


Private Equity is a complex and rapidly evolving sector and PE firms can face a wide variety of risk management and compliance challenges. PE and venture capital firms must ensure that all of their portfolio companies and operations comply with legal and regulatory standards, while simultaneously managing financial, operational and strategic risks.

Partnering with an outsourced back-office accounting service can be a good way for private equity firms to standardize reporting, manage risk and ensure compliance across all their portfolio companies. By leveraging external expertise, PE firms can significantly enhance their risk management strategies and compliance protocols. From streamlining financial reporting and tax compliance to providing strategic insights, outsourced accounting for portcos can play a crucial role in boosting profits and value while reducing risk.

Mitigating Risks Through Outsourcing

While one of the most commonly touted benefits of outsourcing is resource efficiency, outsourced accounting can also help PE firms avoid risk. Here are a few of the private equity portco accounting challenges that outsourcing can help solve.

Reducing Tax Risks

Outsourcing tax functions can significantly minimize tax-related risks for private equity firm investments. Tax regulations are complex, and can be challenging to stay on top of.. At scale, tax regulation can demand specialized knowledge and a robust experienced tax team. While it’s possible to build this in-house, in-house teams may often be both less effective and less experienced.

Because of the nature of their work and the wide variety of clients they work with, outsourced accounting service providers bring a depth of expertise that can be hard to replicate in-house. They keep a hand on the pulse of regulation, with up-to-date knowledge of tax laws in relevant jurisdictions, helping portcos navigate through the intricate tax environments they find themselves in, especially during periods of growth.

By leveraging external tax expertise, PE firms can not only avoid costly tax missteps but also optimize their tax positions, leading to improved financial efficiency and reduced overall risk exposure. Additionally, outsourced accounting services can provide PE firms with advanced tools for efficient tax processing and reporting, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of penalties due to errors or omissions.

Enhancing Financial Reporting Accuracy

Outsourced accounting service providers often provide crucial value in enhancing the accuracy of financial reporting. PE firms often manage a diverse portfolio of investments, each with its own unique financial processes and reporting templates. Consolidating and benchmarking these varied reports can be daunting. The process of consolidating and standardizing financial reporting across a PE firm's entire portfolio can be time-consuming. Errors and discrepancies can cause severe issues down the line.

PE firms need accurate financial data to make agile strategic decisions, assess performance accurately and maintain investor confidence. Precise financial reporting is also essential for regulatory compliance. Non-compliance penalties can cause a significant setback for firms, making it difficult to outpace competitors.

An outsourced accounting service provider, equipped with specialized knowledge and cutting- edge systems, can streamline and optimize the accounting process for PE’s and their portcos. Their experts employ sophisticated software, methodologies, and best paractices to ensure accuracy and consistency in financial reporting.

Risk Management in Back-office Operations

Back-office operational risk management is another area where outsourced accounting service providers add significant value. These service partners provide expert guidance on best practices and the establishment of robust internal controls and processes. They will proactively assess potential operational risks, such as fraud, inefficiencies, revenue leakage potential, and system failures, and advise on the right countermeasures.

These processes may include setting up strong governance frameworks, conducting regular audits and ensuring compliance with best practices and regulations. Outsourced accounting service providers offer insights and recommendations for process transformation, contributing to operational efficiency and resilience. The expertise an outsourced service partner brings can help PE firms safeguard their investments against a wide range of operational risks, maintaining the integrity and stability of their portfolio.

Ensuring Compliance through Outsourcing

Outsourcing business services aids PE firms in adhering to finance and customer data regulations. With regulations constantly evolving and differing by industry, keeping up requires specialized knowledge and resources. In areas like data protection and financial transparency, non-compliance can lead to significant legal, reputational, and financial repercussions.

Outsourced service providers stay abreast of these changes, ensuring PE firms and their portcos comply with current laws. They manage compliance-related tasks such as financial reporting standards and IT security protocols.

Financial Compliance

Financial scrutiny is crucial for ensuring that portfolio companies adhere to accounting standards and financial regulations. Outsourcing this function to specialized financial experts can uncover nuances in financial reporting and compliance that might be missed in-house.

For instance, a PE firm investing in a biotech company must ensure that the company’s financial practices are in line with the latest financial regulations, including timing of revenue recognition and valuation of intangible assets standards. An outsourced team of financial compliance experts, with a deep understanding of the biotech regulatory environment, can conduct thorough reviews of the company's financial processes. They can ensure that all procedures are compliant and flag any potential areas of risk.

These experts can also provide ongoing monitoring and reporting, ensuring that the company remains compliant as regulations evolve. They can guide the implementation of robust financial controls and auditing processes that are crucial for maintaining transparency and detecting any potentialgaps early on.

Legal Data Compliance

Legal compliance with data laws and regulations is another area where outsourcing provides significant benefits. Engaging IT professionals who specialize in the relevant industry ensures that all regulatory aspects are diligently covered.

Consider a PE firm with a portfolio company in the healthcare sector. Outsourced IT experts with the appropriate certifications will ensure compliance with patient privacy laws such as HIPAA. These experienced professionals can provide regular updates on changing laws and help implement policies that align the company’s operations and infrastructure with these legal requirements.

Back-office Operational Compliance

Back-office operational compliance involves ensuring that business processes and practices meet industry standards and best practices. Outsourcing this function to external professionals can provide an unbiased evaluation of operational efficiencies and compliance.

For example, if a PE firm invests in a manufacturing company, back-office experts can assess the company’s adherence to industry-specific finance, HR and IT related regulations, standards and measures . These consultants can identify gaps in compliance and recommend improvements, such as implementing more automation in processes to eliminate risk or enhancing cybersecurity protocols.

By conducting regular audits and reviews, these external advisors ensure that the company not only meets current compliance standards but is also prepared for any future regulatory changes. This proactive approach can prevent costly compliance breaches and enhance the company’s operational efficiency.

The Right Outsourcing Partner For You

Quatrro Business Support Services (Quatrro) offers a suite of services tailored to mid-market private equity firms and their portcos, emphasizing value optimization, risk mitigation and compliance. Our solutions span across finance and accounting, human resources, and technology, with a focus on enhancing operational efficiency and strategic decision-making. Quatrro's expertise lies in providing scalable, standardized solutions that ensure regulatory compliance and minimize risks.

For PE firms seeking to streamline their portco operations and safeguard against risks, Quatrro's offerings present a robust, cost-effective solution. Visit our Outsourced Services for PE Firmspage for more detailed information and to discover how our expertise can benefit your firm's specific needs.

Paul Lennick
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SVP M&A Services

Paul, as the SVP of M&A and Private Equity at ContinuServe, a subsidiary of Quatrro BSS, spearheads ContinuServe's global strategy, team leadership, and operational management for its M&A business, focusing on its carve-out practice. Leveraging expertise in consulting, private equity, and client service, he focuses on driving IT and back-office value creation through outsourcing and optimization.

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