QportQPORT is a platform that has been designed and developed by Quatrro and an integral part of our platform based accounting solutions to our current and future clients. The basic premise of QPORT is to streamline the Business & Operational Processes for Clients onto a single platform such that:

  • Have a centralized repository of all our clients & customers information
  • Web based access to clients / customers as well as all internal stakeholders
  • Uniform operational processes for Data Processing with forced quality checks at each stage
  • Custom workflows specific to client requirements.
  • Role based access and real time visibility

QPORT is "CRM + ERP + SCM" bundled together to form one end-to-end platform for Finance & Accounting Services

The essential components of QPORT include:

  •  QPORT – CRM
  • Manage Client -> Company -> Profit Center relationship Master DB with all customer information
  • CAMs & Management team interface for Case Notes, Customer Interaction Center, Reports Repository, Reports Delivery, Surveys

  •  QPORT – Services Portal
  • Operations team requirements for Indexing, Data conversion, Verification and all other functionality for  customer data receipt, data processing, verification and commit transactions into GP … seamlessly.
  • Operations teams requirements for RTP Financials, store tracker capabilities, finalization of reports (both Prelim & Final versions)
  • Dashboards / Reports for Info. Receive Tracker, Missing Info. Tracker, Queue status, Agent productivity, Operational metric

  •  QPORT – Client Portal
  • Client access to Reports Repository, Ability to upload documents, Find Documents, BI reports,
  • Custom interfaces for Invoice input, Check register input, Payroll data input, POS data input …
  • Additional features for Payment selection & authorization

  •  QPORT – Internal Portal
  • On-boarding of new clients and setup of services for the new client
  • Finance Team: Invoicing (creation, update, delivery), Deferred Revenue calculations