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Back-Office Support to Strengthen and Serve the Community

February 27, 2023

By quatrro

Back-Office, End-to-End Finance Processes


For a Good Cause: Back-Office Support to Strengthen and Serve the Community, Ensure Control and Financial Compliance

Running a non-profit organization is a complex and multi-layered process. From ensuring compliance with audit requirements to maximizing limited resources to ensure the larger mission and goal are aligned, these organizations truly face a plethora of challenges on a, sometimes daily, basis. 

Outsourcing their accounting services to Quatrro ensures that each challenge is addressed proactively while improving financial control and transparency. . We provide a clear, actionable, consistent picture of their financial situation,  while also improving and effectively managing both human and technology capabilities..We use our experience to help you navigate your compliance landscape and varied reporting requirements, while also improving financial controls and transparency, regardless of the type of non-profit organization. We assist you in  maximizing your limited resources to meet greater needs without increasing overhead costs. We understand that when non-profit organizations fail  to meet their goals, it not only disappoints board members but also prevents them from fulfilling their mission commitment to their community. Our domain expertise enables us to understand your unique issues and challenges, enabling us to turn them into proactive actions to meet back-office needs.

How Quatrro Ensures Holistic Support for End-to-End Finance Processes

CFO Advisory Services

  • Strategize and implement plans to optimize cash flow
  • Manage the budget and forecasting Cycles 
  • Assess the organization’s resources and make recommendations for growth in alignment with short-term, and long-term, goals 

Grant Management

  • Funder reporting, including meeting government compliance requirements 
  • Single Audit Act requirements and compliance
  • Intermediary funder compliance for pass-through grants


  • Program cost allocation
  • Manage revenue streams 
  • Functional budgeting

How Partnering with Quatrro Ensures the Business Gets More to Go On

  • Leverage best practices in non-profit accounting from highly trained professionals
  • Strengthen financial controls through segregation of duties and accountability
  • Optimize cash flow through timely and accurate reporting to external funding sources
  • Increase financial transparency through enhanced internal reporting
  • Improve accounts payable, budget facilitation, financial forecasting, and cash flow management processes
We give you more to go on by providing measurable benefits, as well as intangible value, enabling you to focus on your mission and not your back office. Contact us to find out more.

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