Retired COO, Large Presbyterian Church in the Midwest
Quatrro has been our outsourced finance and accounting partner for 13 years now. The firm is a world class operation. It goes without saying that they’re professional and competent in the extreme, that’s our baseline requirement. Beyond that, however, we feel the work is enhanced if a partner like Quatrro is able to fully integrate into the operation and culture and to appreciate and value our own work and mission and that they also do naturally, effortlessly and with great sensitivity and devotion.
Owner, Large Supermarket in NJ
I’m very pleased with the way Quatrro has handled the relationship with our store. I would highly recommend Quatrro for their professionalism, efficiency and affordability.
Founder & Board President, Crises Response & Support Services Non-profit Organization
QBSS has really strengthened our organization so much in such a short time! So much so that we are receiving our first major public contract, not as a subcontractor, but as direct recipient. We cannot build strong programs unless we have a strong foundation – that is something we wouldn’t have without QBSS. Team at QBSS have gone well above and beyond to ensure we are prepared for the challenges that go along with public funding and holding us to accounting and auditing standards which we need.
Executive VP & Chief Business Officer, School of theology of the Presbyterian Church
QBSS injected professionalism and stability into our finance and accounting infrastructure. They have been a great partner in both good times and more difficult circumstances. As we have continued to find ways to become more efficient and better serve our students and employees, our QBSS team has proven to be creative and adaptable, allowing us to focus more clearly on our long-term mission and goals.
Managing Owner (former VP Company Operations), Innovative Retail Solutions Company
We are very pleased with our decision to partner with QBSS as our outsourced accounting provider. They have a dedicated and efficient team who were able to complete my implementation within 3 weeks from the day we finalized the purchase of our restaurants. Their timely delivery of our financial statements has allowed us to make informed decisions and react quickly to make any necessary changes.
Thriftway Multi-location Store Owner
We use QBSS for accounting and bill paying. Their service is fantastic. It’s a pleasure to work with QBSS because they understand the grocery business, not just the numbers the business produces. They drill down on specific issues and are able to compare your store performance to others in the industry. And they are quick to point out when you are doing something right!
Vice President, Planning & Acquisitions, Service & Distribution company
By partnering with QBSS as our preferred accounting provider, we have together been able to develop a fully-integrated technology solution to improve our service levels and timeliness of reporting to our store owners. We’re in the business of selling automotive related products, not accounting services.
Board Chairman of Youth Organization
We contracted with QBSS and handed them a seriously flawed accounting system. A month and a half later, they had us ready to present a credible budget to our Board. One year later, the budgeting process is far easier than it has been. It is the basis for better planning and control than we have ever had, and provides a great deal of comfort for those of us who live with numbers.
Midwest multi-location Restaurant Franchisee
We rely on QBSS to help us get to where we need to be with our financial processing. Running a profitable business that attracts repeat customers is up to us.
President & CEO, Largest Franchise Operator of Pancake Restaurants
To succeed in your business, you have to determine your core competencies and focus your time and energy on your own core business and operational metrics. Our interest is in driving the operational excellence of our restaurants, not handling the burdensome accounting tasks. We serve hot and fresh food with fast and friendly service in clean and safe restaurants. We rely on QBSS to get where we need to be with our financial processing.