Not-For-Profit (NFP) Benchmark Survey

Results indicate that the financial health for majority of Not-For-Profit Organizations has improved over the previous year

Atlanta, GA - November, 2016 - Quatrro Business Support Services (Quatrro), a market leader in providing revenue-enhancing business services to mid-market clients, released the results of its 2016 Benchmark Survey focused on Not-for-Profit organizations. By positioning itself as a key nonprofit knowledge partner, Quatrro has firmly established itself as the ‘Service provider of Choice’ for nonprofit organizations across the United States and leverages industry-leading technologies to deliver its finance and accounting services.

Quatrro’s inaugural version of the online benchmark survey was conducted between July and September 2016 with the goal of gathering information for Not-for-profit organizations and charities to benchmark themselves against their peers. More than 1,500 senior NFP industry executives across educational, religious, human service, seminaries, foundations and associations participated in the survey, providing information on the prevailing financial reporting practices, revenue and expense structures and overall operational performance.

Key results from the survey include:
  • 61% of the Not-for-profit organizations who responded stated that their financial health has improved over the previous year
  • Of those who responded, a majority of not-for-profit organizations have begun outsourcing their finance and accounting to experienced 3rd party providers – Larger NFPs (groups with annual budgets of more than $10 million) are leading the trend and as a result have experienced significant benefits

Charles Harmornick, President, Quatrro Business Support Services, said, "Quatrro is pleased with the tremendous industry response to the inaugural edition of our NFP Benchmark Survey. It’s also heartening to learn that the industry is beginning to recognize growing contribution of finance and accounting service providers to lower cost and enhance process efficiencies.” Charles further added,” Quatrro prides itself on being a trusted partner for our nonprofit clients by not only being subject-matter experts for nonprofit organizations but also sharing these key performance indicators prevailing in the nonprofit industry trends and best practices.”

As a follow up to the 2016 Industry Benchmark Survey, Quatrro will also publish a comprehensive benchmark report that will use aggregated data collated from the survey to predict industry trends and analysis.

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