Career Progression

Career Progression at QuatrroWhether you are an associate new to our company or a manager debating your next career move, it’s important to determine the right career path for you. You are the owner of your career and will determine the path that aligns with your personal and professional success.

At Quatrro, your direct manager will also be your personal career advisor who will help you set performance and personal goals each and every year. They will also provide you with regular feedback and check-ins to make sure you stay on track with your goals. Through feedback, coaching, listening and mentoring, your manager truly becomes one of your biggest advocates.

We follow the rule of “70-20-10.” Seventy percent of your professional development at Quatrro will come from your day-to-day job and client interaction. We believe that each and every day you will learn more from our clients and co-workers surrounding you. Twenty percent will come from relationships you build on the job and directly with your manager/director and 10 percent will come from coursework, seminars, self training, etc. You are the pilot of your career and at Quatrro we want to help provide you guidance and direction in your career.

We believe from promoting within before we start the external search and Human Resources will make sure employees are aware of current opening throughout Quatrro. The Q Stride process is an excellent opportunity for employees to advance their careers or take on a new challenge. Internal Job Postings (IJP) represents a positive process in Quatrro’s career development. It allows increased access to available vacancies within the Company and provides empowerment to employees for taking ownership of their careers at Quatrro. This policy means that all positions will be sourced internally first before we search for talent externally. This is an excellent way for employees to advance their career and grow professionally.

Promotions at Quatrro are another opportunity to reinforce the importance of individual development and to recognize the importance through a financial and job title reward-Career progression.Our policy will enhance the upward mobility of employees and complements the present business unit goals which, will allow for personnel development and career progression. The performance evaluation process provide employees with the framework through which each individual can learn about individual performance expectations for their level and levels above them as they plan their future development and career. The evaluations and performance goals are a key resource when considering whether or not an employee is ready to be promoted.

The policy is based on the recognition that in the course of meeting company goals and objectives, the duties and function of an employee may change in complexity and responsibility. Promotions therefore, are based on status changes that involve increasing responsibility levels. The added benefits of promotion serve as an incentive for better work performance, enhance morale and create a sense of individual achievement and recognition. While good past performance enhances the validity of the promotion, it should not, of itself, be the primary reason for recommending an employee for promotion. Managers seeking to promote employees in their respective areas are reminded to pay close attention to past annual performance evaluations and improvements the employee has made since their last review.